CSF_teamIGUA Group, Inc. is a New York City based commercial real estate brokerage. The Division of Charter School Facilities was created with a singular focus to serve the facility needs of charter schools. To date, the IGUA team has successfully placed more than 20 charter schools in private facilities.

Maureen has been active in the real estate industry since her college years. In addition to working in real estate, she has also served on several University faculties teaching undergraduate and graduate students. This experience provides a personal understanding of the importance of great facilities to an educator. Maureen is also an experienced researcher and business consultant.

Our charter school facilities team has created a network of developers, financial institutions and private property owners to deliver exciting school facilities. Additionally, we have solid working relationships with religious institutions throughout New York City to convert underutilized property into charter school facilities. Our skills and services allow charter schools to navigate one of the most complex and competitive real estate marketplaces in the world. There is never a fee to the charter schools for our services.

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