CSF_Map-01-01Our Successes

IGUA Group, Inc. real estate brokerage service has played a central role in helping school districts foster successful charter schools.  IGUA’s Division of Charter Schools has successfully placed more than 50 charter schools in private facilities throughout New York City’s neighborhoods. The facilities are home to charter elementary, middle and high school programs in all five boroughs. The building developments include a wide range of projects: newly constructed facilities, renovated buildings for school use and upgraded religious institution properties.

As a result of our hard work the facilities team is an approved vendor by the New York City Charter School Center. Additionally, we have received high recommendations from members of the New York State Charter School Association. We support the Futures in Education Program along with the National and New York State Charter School Conferences. We have contributed our expertise to the Boards of the Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation as well as the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.


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